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Moderate Approach Center, Baghdad Office Opened

Baghdad Office of the Moderate Approach Center for Intellectual Awareness was opened in Baghdad (Al-Mutanabbi Street, Al-Mayyali Building, 2nd floor), on 10am Friday July 5, 2019. Mr. Hussein Al-Khulaifawi, the researcher at the Center, welcomed the attendants while introducing the party of the opening event.

The Center CEO, Mr. Haider Al-Bawi, delivered a speech in which he said, “(Our) society today in an urgent need of reviving, activating, and enliving the role of the moderate approach in all life aspects; of rejecting all types of extremism which has become a danger threatening social safety, and security and stability of humanity.” Al-Bawi counted it a “historical day” to revive moderation, mediality, fellowship, love, co-living, forgiveness, peace, and freedom in “the Street of Culture”, reminding with the Center’s striving for opposing extremism, in order to actively participate in building a coherent society and happy life.

Researches offered their congragulations on the event and showed their support to the Center in its endevor to disseminate moderation and intellectual awareness, affirming the need for respecting opinions and opposit oppinions, and forsaking extremism and poisoned thought that targets all sectors of society. The party was concluded with offering Acknowledgement Certificates for ladies and gentlmen researchers and attendents, and for civil activists.

Opening Event:

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